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PVC Plastisol

Plastisols for various applications

Whether as a functional coating in everyday life, under extreme conditions – such as in surgery theatres or on the high seas – or for the finishing of decorative products such as wallpaper or technical textiles: the areas of application for our plastisols are diverse.

Flame resistance, UV stability, anti-slip or sealing properties are just some of the requirements that our plastisols can fulfil. Depending on the conditions of the areas of application, the properties that we give our plastisols can be combined almost without limit. With our tailor-made solutions we can realise your ideas.

Your benefits

  • Customised, ready-to-use products
  • Compact or foaming plastisols for wallpaper
  • High technological standard
  • For use on various substrates
  • Adapted to your application system
  • High storage stability

Our assortment

This is a selection of our FOLCO SOL standard products from our diverse range for different PVC coating processes:

We are able to supply almost all plastisols free from phthalates. Please contact us for your special requirements.