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Innovative technology, simple design

Smart IBC Solution

For a digital, transparent and autonomous supply chain

The smart cap from Packwise is a hardware-based software solution for your supply chain. With the smart cap you can monitor your container at every station along the supply chain.

Your benefits​ at a glance

  • Inventory transparency and reduction of administrative activities.​
  • Track & Trace and pre-advice for goods receipt (capacity planning).​
  • Automated reordering process possible if stock falls below a defined safety stock level.​
  • Plug and play solution without initial effort at the customer's site.

Thanks to its extensive sensor data collection, this innovative technology allows you to 

  • track current filling levels in an IBC
  • the location of the IBC
  • temperature values of the contents
  • movement of the IBC as well as any shocks and impacts that the IBC might go through during the transportation process.
Sensor Functions

With its Plug & Play technology, sensor data and intelligent platform, getting started is as easy as removing the protective film from the smart cap, applying the smart cap on the IBC and it’s ready to use! 

plug and Play Smart Cap installation


Intelligent platform

All data is collected and processed in one central platform.

Individualizable dashboard:

The user can customize the dashboard individually according to his requirements.

Individual action triggers

Notifications for defined events along the customer's supply chain.

Ready to use

Only personalized log in data necessary.

Smart cap on an IBC

In short, integrating Smart Caps into your supply chain,  brings you these advantages: 

Transparency and access to the generated data at any time

Over the browser-based software platform for intelligent container management, you can digitally map the condition of your container. You can retrieve, view, and share relevant data such as fill level, temperature, and location at any time and use this information to optimise processes within your supply chain.

Receive notifications based on the collected data

e.g.: The delivery is less than 50 km from the destination.​ The reorder point of x kilograms is reached.​

Automated reordering process, based on the defined reorder points.​

With this solution, setting up reordering when a predefined critical level of stock is surpassed is as easy as it gets.

VMI (Vendor managed inventory)​

Agreements such as delivery times, inventory key figures and contractual frame-work necessary.​

Write to us and we will show you how you can implement this technology in your supply chain!

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