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Dispersion adhesives
for wood + furniture

High quality dispersion adhesives for the wood and furniture industry

Our high quality dispersion adhesives are ideal for a wide range of applications in modern furniture and component manufacturing such as surface bonding, veneering, laminating, solid wood bonding, postforming, doweling and assembly applications.

The low-emission dispersions are universally applicable, contribute to your competitiveness and support you in the manufacture of safe and sustainable products: They are characterised by consistently high quality, are easy to use and label-free and therefore harmless to health. Our adhesives can also make an important contribution to efficient and modern production processes through optimised application quantities and accelerated process times. 

Your benefits

  • D2, D3 and D4 quality adhesives for highly reliable products (DIN EN 204) 
  • High heat resistance (DIN EN 14257/WATT 91) for extremely durable products 
  • Economical production due to optimised application quantities 
  • Efficient production due to accelerated processing times 
  • Label-free and and low emission

Our assortment

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