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for wood + furniture

Adhesives for the wood and furniture industry

Adhesives for the wood industry and furniture industry

With our high-quality FOLCO LIT dipersion adhesives and the nonreactive and reacitve hotmelt adhesives of the FOLCO MELT and FOLCO REACT brands, you will always achieve a perfect result in all applications of modern furniture and component manufacturing. Our low-emission dispersions are universally applicable and support you in the manufacture of safe and sustainable products: They are characterised by consistently high quality, are easy to use as well as label-free and therefore harmless to health.

At our modern production facilities we manufacture hotmelt adhesives with excellent adhesions properties, which guarantee reliable bonding of your products. We also contribute to the sustainable of your products by using bio-based raw materials.

Your benefits

  • Dispersions in D2, D3 and D4 quality (DIN EN 204)
  • Hotmelts with increased stability of the melt
  • High heat resistance (DIN EN 14257 / WATT 91) for extremely durable products
  • Economical production due to optimised application quantities and accelerated processing times
  • Clean running properties guarantee products without reworking

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