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News: Print product gains award


Skymark Packaging International wins bronze at the EFIA 2020 Print Awards for promotional packaging printed with Follmann’s water-based inks

In 2019, Follmann and the British printing company Skymark Packaging International jointly produced a promotional item to draw attention to the advantages of water-based printing inks. In September of this year, Skymark won bronze with this flexible packaging model in the category “Technical Innovation – Printers” at the EFIA 2020 Print Awards.


Anwendungsmuster Follmann Reinigungstücher


Follmann’s water-based printing inks, which were developed especially for flexo and gravure printing on flexible packaging substrates such as film, aluminium and paper, combine excellent colour quality and brilliance with high environmental compatibility. They are also exceptionally cost-effective and being solvent-free, they have no negative impact on indoor air. Recognizing these and other advantages, Skymark Packaging International printworks, which is based in Scunthorpe (UK), last year produced a promotional item together with Follmann ‒ a flexible packaging for wet wipes, which was printed with Follmann’s water-based inks. “This packaging model is ideal for demonstrating the brilliance and high quality of Follmann’s environmentally compatible inks,” explained Paul Neath, Operations Director at Skymark.

The product also convinced the EFIA 2020 Print Awards jury, who awarded Skymark a bronze award in the category “Technical Innovation – Printers” in September.


“We are delighted that Skymark, Britain’s leading independent manufacturer of high-quality flexible packaging materials, appreciates the advantages of our water-based inks and is taking the first steps towards expanding the use of environmentally sound, water-based printing inks. The prize won at the EFIA 2020 Print Awards is a further acknowledgement of the benefits of our water-based printing inks and we are confident that they will be used on a still greater scale in future,” commented Roland Geiselhart, Director of Follmann’s Print + Packaging Business Unit. 


About EFIA:

The European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) is a trade association for the flexographic industry headquartered in the UK. Since 1972 it has been supporting the entire flexographic print supply chain with support tools and initiatives to drive the industry forward with higher levels of recognition, operational efficiency and technical knowledge. The EFIA Print Awards are presented annually, the various categories including Flexo Print on Paper, Flexo Print on Film, Technical Innovation, Promotional Print, Environmental and Sustainability.


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