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News: Wallpaper calendar 2021: Designs with fascinating 3D effects

Wallpaper designs with fascinating 3D effects

The network "Wallpaper competence" presents its wallpaper calendar 2021 

Following its already long-standing tradition, the network "Wallpaper competence" created again for this year a wallpaper calendar, which shows in an impressive way that the design of wallpaper today has almost no limits. Under the motto "The Third Dimension" all 12 motifs captivate with fascinating 3D effects. 


Whether with light and shadow play, gradients, angles, surface arrangements or the vanishing point perspective - 3D effects can be achieved with very different techniques. The "Wallpaper competence" network, to which the companies M-Design, KÄMMERER, SPGPrints, Sügravo and Follmann belong, proves this with this year's edition of its wallpaper calendar. This carries the motto "The Third Dimension" and covers thus an exciting, broad and modern topic field, which is absolutely in the trend. The designs of the individual calendar motifs are shown to their best advantage through the use of different types of printing, embossing, colours and substrates.  


The calendar motifs at a glance: 


Two colours - great effect: The february motif „Magic“ " is characterized by an amazing 3D effect, which M-Design has succeeded in creating without any gradients simply by arranging (angling) lines of equal strength. The 90-gram coated nonwoven from KÄMMERER was used as the substrate, which has a very even surface and excellent PVC adhesion. Using a special screen for precise 3D structure and contour printing from SPGPrints, the substrate was finally screen printed.  For this, Follmann used a black coloured transparent nonwoven coating for brilliant colour tones, a gloss varnish, a silver and an Alcantara foam in white. The highlight from Follmann is the new silver textured printing ink, which provides the special 3D as well as matt-gloss effects.  

Tapetenkalender 2021 Februar-Motiv Magic


For the March motif "Networks", M-Design chose a stylized braided pattern. The enormous 3D effect of this motif was achieved by the harmonious gradients that provide light and shadow and make the shapes look as if they are nested within each other. The substrate used was a 110 g nonwoven from KÄMMERER, which is characterized by its low-porosity and very uniform surface. It was screen printed using a special screen for tone printing from SPGPrints. For this, Follmann used a transparent, magenta-coloured nonwoven coating, an Alcantara foam in mint, the white printing ink FS10-721 dyed in dark green, and an FS10 matt blend also dyed in dark green. The special highlight here is the Alcantara effects and the brilliant cover in the background.  

Tapetenkalender 2021 März-Motiv Networks



For the April motif "Galaxy", M-Design created a spiral from a few surfaces, reminiscent of a galaxy. The surfaces rotate towards a center and taper, thus captivating the viewer. The substrate used was a 110 g nonwoven from KÄMMERER, which is perfect for higher quality applications due to its low-porosity and very uniform surface. For printing, a special screen for super-soft tonal printing applications from SPGPrints was used, which made it possible to achieve a homogeneous screen gradation print. Follmann products provided the colour effects. The highlight here is the strong colouring of silver colours - once in dark blue and once in copper.  

Tapetenkalender 2021 April-Motiv Galaxy


May motif "Stepstone" is a kind of a staircase that M-Design created from individual surfaces. The outstanding 3D effect is achieved by the special arrangement of the surfaces. The spatial impression is also supported by the coarse and medium grid gradients, which create a fascinating interplay of light and shadow. KÄMMERER chose a 130 g nonwoven as substrate, which is suitable for many higher-quality applications thanks to its low-porosity and uniform surface. In the first step, the nonwoven was coated with a water-based pearlescent full-covering from Follmann using air-brushing technology. A foam dyed in gold and another foam from Follmann provide the special haptic effect.  

Tapetenkalender 2021 Mai-Motiv Stepstone


If you look at the June "Mesh" motif, which shows a kind of "Viennese mesh" in high magnification, the shadows give the impression that the mesh is floating on the background. For the substrate, KÄMMERER selected a 70 g nonwoven that has very good PVC adhesion and outstanding dimensional stability for excellent embossing results. It was printed with hot embossing from Sügravo in combination with gravure printing in register. Follmann used an embossing foam - free of phthalates - as a base coating and three gravure inks - one violet and one black, as well as a silver dyed blue. This combination gives the motif its special matt-gloss effect. 

Tapetenkalender 2021 Juni-Motiv Mesh


The July motif "Gate" developed by M-Design looks like a funnel and immediately 

captivates the viewer. The impression of a funnel is evoked by the arrangement of parallel lines or bars, which all lead to a bright center and taper. The basis for the print is a 130 g nonwoven from KÄMMERER, which is characterized by a less porous and uniform surface. Provided with a special pearlescent coating with airbrush technology from Follmann, it was printed with the help of a flat screen with a blue coloured Alcantara foam as well as a matt screen printing ink from Follmann dyed in blue.  

Tapetenkalender 2021 Juli-Motiv Gate


The August motif "Aperture" designed by M-Design shows a colour-intensive photo aperture of connected bars that taper towards the eye. The substrate used was a 90 g nonwoven from KÄMMERER with a very even surface and excellent PVC adhesion. The substrate was screen printed with a transparent, black coloured nonwoven coating from Follmann. The special gloss effect for a harmonious interplay of glazing and opaque colours is given to the motif by the use of a violet pearlescent in a half tone as well as a green coloured pearlescent. The new FS10-721 White, which has been dyed yellow, and an Alcantara foam in red - also from Follmann - perfectly round off the colour design of this unique motif.  

Tapetenkalender 2021 August-Motiv Aperture


 The September motif "Discs" impressively shows what effect light and shadow effects have. Due to the shape created by M-Design and the light reflections, this motif immediately makes the viewer think of curved, metallic sheet parts or round discs such as CDs. A 150 g nonwoven from KÄMMERER was used as the substrate, which impresses with its velvety matt surface for gravure and flexo printing as well as its pleasant feel. A special screen from SPGPrints was used for the print, which perfectly combines a digital design with a 3D effect print. In screen printing, the nonwoven was given a matt, textured digital coating from Follmann. This was followed by a fine longitudinal structure of clear varnish printed in the flat screen as a finishing.

Tapetenkalender 2021 September-Motiv Discs


The October motif "Dune" skillfully shows how light and shadow create an impressive, 

three-dimensional effect. In this pattern designed by M-Design, the surfaces appear to be visually superimposed, creating an illusion of movement - similar to a sand formation on the beach. As a substrate, KÄMMERER chose a 90 g nonwoven that has a very even surface and excellent PVC adhesion. It was printed using hot embossing from Sügravo in combination with gravure printing in register. For the colour design of this motif, Follmann used a hard and phthalate-free embossing foam in white, a high-gloss gravure silver and a black printing ink.     

Tapetenkalender 2021 Oktober-Motiv Dune


With the November motif "Honeycomb", M-Design has succeeded in creating the special 3D effect by superimposing surfaces that run from light to dark. This fantastic optical impression is reinforced by a shadow play that each layer still has in itself. The substrate used was a 150 g nonwoven from KÄMMERER, which is characterized by a velvety matt surface for gravure and flexo printing as well as a pleasant feel. The digital print coating with flitter effect from Follmann was applied with an air brush. 

Tapetenkalender 2021 November-Motiv Honeycomb


  Matching the Christmas month, M-Design created a facet arrangement of geometric, 

star-shaped surfaces for the December motif "Starlight". In each shape, the surfaces end in a central vanishing point, creating the remarkable three-dimensional effect. A 130 g nonwoven from KÄMMERER with a low-porosity and uniform surface served as the substrate. For printing, Sügravo relied on a combination of screen printing and flexographic printing in register. For the colour design and the special matt-gloss effects of the motif, Follmann chose a full cover in matt white for the screen printing, a pearlescent gold, an Alcantara foam and a black ink for the flexo printing.   

Tapetenkalender 2021 Dezember-Motiv Starlight


The conclusion of the current wallpaper calendar is the January 2022 motif "Pyramids", which consists of equally sized, square surfaces that lie next to and under each other. KÄMMERER chose a 130 g nonwoven as the substrate, which is suitable for many higher quality applications due to its low-porosity and uniform surface. The substrate was air brushed with a covering from Follmann and then printed with an Alcantara foam in a flat screen.

Tapetenkalender 2021 Januar-Motiv Pyramids



The members of the “Wallpaper competence” network 

  • KÄMMERER: KÄMMERER is a renowned manufacturer of paper products for special purposes and an expert in the field of non-woven and paper wallpaper, poster paper, pre-impregnated decor paper, abrasive base paper and electrical grade paper. Hallmarks of the company are its customer-centric approach, highest product quality and extensive technical expertise.  

  • Follmann: From water-based printing inks and plastisols to scatter granules and pigment preparations for wallpaper, Follmann offers its customers in the wallpaper industry high-quality finishing products that turn their end products into real eye-catchers. As a supplier of decorative wallpaper coatings, Follmann is a leading market player. To this end, Follmann not only offers sustainable, bespoke products and a high standard of quality, but also provides a service tailored to individual requirements.  

  • M-Design Edgar Meyer: The core business of M-Design Edgar Meyer encompasses the creation and development of new, stylish and unusual wallpaper designs. The patterns in the collection are drawn by hand in the studio or designed on a computer and subsequently proofed using the screen printing process. 

  • Sügravo: With its high-quality products, the young and continuously growing company holds a leading position among printing roller manufacturers and engravers. Its product range includes all types of printing and embossing for all common printing processes.

  • SPGPrints: SPGPrints is a world leading company in the textile and graphic printing industry. It provides complete solutions ranging from templates, paints, printing inks and digital printing through to a comprehensive range of template and digital printing systems.  


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