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Adhesives for transport and
shipping packaging

Adhesives for transport packaging and shipping packaging

Increasing e-commerce sales and a high variety of products lead to increased requirements for transport and shipping packaging. These must protect products during transport and simplify handling for the packers. When producing transport and shipping packaging with self-adhesive components, it is primarily important that the packaged goods reach their destination safely, even when the outside temperature changes.

We offer you a diverse range of permanent and resealable FOLCO MELT PSA adhesives. In addition to a very high initial tack and excellent fluidity, they also boast very good low-temperature flexibility. The excellent adhesion leads to low consumption and high efficiency.

Your benefits

  • Homogeneous, fast-melting pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA)
  • High performance and individually tailored to your requirements and needs
  • Cost-efficient production through optimal machine-running properties
  • High tack even at low temperatures
  • Large temperature frame in the final product 

Our assortment

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