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for end-of-line

Adhesives for end-of-line packaging

Sales crucially depend on an appealing packaging design as much as on the functionality of the packaging. With the high-performance hotmelt adhesives for packaging processes that are not subject to labelling requirements, we offer versatile solutions for the secure bonding of cardboard boxes and folding cardboard boxes for end-of-line applications. The cold- and heat-resistant PO- / EBA- and EVA-based FOLCO MELT hotmelt adhesives have been developed to meet the typical requirements of the food, non-food and consumer goods industries. They meet all the requirements demanded of primary and secondary packaging and are characterised by excellent machinability and distinctly low consumption.

Our high level of customer satisfaction is based not only on excellent and consistent product quality, but also on our comprehensive and flexible range of services. In addition, our Adhesive Check ensures that our adhesive works smoothly and optimally on your machine.

Your benefits

  • Custom adhesive properties
  • Excellent adhesion properties ensure reliable production processes
  • Clean processing / non-stringing
  • Extremely durable packaging
  • Also suitable for printed / varnished paper and corrugated cardboard
  • Low-migration
  • Suitable for sift-proof applications
  • Suitable for drinking straw applications
  • Clear, odourless melt ensures a pleasant working environment
  • Supreme thermal stability

Our assortment

FOLCO MELT PROPACK for universal use – excellent for nozzles application,
clean running properties with high initial tack, high initial strength, a very good
thermal stability, short open time.

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