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Decorative and functional coatings and pigment preparations for various applications

This business unit focuses on decorative and functional solutions as well as high-quality finishing products for manufacturers in various industries. The product range includes printing inks and coatings for the wallpaper and woodworking industries, plastisols and polymer dispersions for technical textiles, pigment preparations for industrial coatings and the coloration of plastics and water-based coatings for digital printing media.



Wallpaper printing inks and coatings

Your own home is the social centre of life for many people and should therefore be as beautiful and pleasant as possible. This also includes an appealing wall design. Our finishing products help you create stunning and eye-catching wallpaper finishes, thus considerably increasing the sense of well-being within your own four walls.

Our powerful, water-based printing inks are lightfast, highly thermally stable, highly washing-resistant, suitable for hot-embossing on vinyl and available with normal to high pigment content. They are suitable for flexographic, gravure and rotary screen printing on paper, fleece and vinyl printing materials. And of course, all these products meet the colour-fastness criteria of the relevant European standards.

Our solvent-free, water-based textured printing inks let you create visual and tangible 3D structures and interesting special effects, gravure or screen printed, to make your wallpaper a truly extraordinary design highlight.

If structures and effects are required for vinyl wallpaper, our plastisols can be used to achieve first-class results. They are characterised by extraordinary light and washing resistance as well as abrasion resistance and give any plain surface a vibrant touch.

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Decorative coatings

For the furniture and interior design industry, we offer printing ink systems for the surface finishing of decorative papers and for the coating of glass nonwoven.

As an excellent alternative to woodchip, panels offer countless ways to make ceilings attractive. Decorative papers for panels can be given an ornate finish with our water-based printing ink systems. The water-based printing inks based on polymer systems rich in solids is suitable for producing visible and tactile effects such as wood optics. Our products are available in soft and hard settings, in white and in clear as a basis for colouring with pigment preparations or for producing crystal-clear, firm structures. The products are temperature stable, can be dyed with our water-based pigment preparations and can be processed in gravure and screen printing.

Our screen printing inks are available – optionally with or without flame-retardant properties – for the coating of glass nonwoven, for example for the production of ceiling tiles. They are characterised by a high opacity as well as good lightfastness and temperature stability.

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Functional coatings

Functional coatings are used almost everywhere today. In everyday use as well as under extreme conditions, they should reliably fulfil their diverse functions: In the operating room as well as on the high seas. With our PVC plastisols and waterbased polymer dispersions, a wide variety of substrates can be optimally equipped and adapted to almost every desired requirement.

Low flammability, seawater resistance or UV stability? Coated substrates with high functionality and durability? Blocking or anti-slip surfaces?  Sealing properties? The product properties that we give our products can vary almost unlimited depending on the conditions of the application. With our products we can realize the most diverse ideas.

  • Customised, ready-to-use products
  • High technological standard
  • For use on almost all substrates
  • Suitable to different application systems
  • High pot life
  • Safe and easy processing
  • Low emission
  • Support from development to production

Learn more about our various functional coatings for rigid and flexible substrates.

Special applications

Our plastisols are suitable for spreading, foulard, dipping and roll-coating methods, as well as for rotational moulding. This flexibility allows the products to be used even for very specific applications:

  • in the field of medical engineering for prostheses or cardiac catheters
  • in food packaging for closure seals
  • for creating demonstration mock-ups,
  • fenders for boats or dolls‘ heads.

Digital printing coatings

Water-based coatings

The ready-to-use, water-based coatings have been developed especially for digital printing media. The coatings are suitable for a wide range of substrates (e.g. papers, films, non-woven, textiles, canvases), enabling them to be printed digitally in the next processing step and ensure a brilliant print image. The combination of substrate, ink system and the individually developed coating are unlimited.

The environmentally friendly formulated coatings enable a high quality print design as well as rich and vibrant colours. If required the coatings offer increased UV stability, flame retardency and scratch resistance. Thanks to the high drying speeds the printed media can be processed quickly. Whether roll up´s, banners, labels, packaging, wallpaper, textiles or tissues - we have the right solutions for each application!

Whether roll up's, banners, labels, packaging, wallpaper, textiles or tissues - we have the right solution for each application!

Your benefits

  • High colour brilliance and edge definition
  • Very good adhesion
  • Suitable for various ink and colour systems
  • Usable for a wide range of subtrates
  • For different application systems
  • Increased UV-stability, flame retardency and scratch resistance can be achieved
  • Quick processing due to fast drying speeds

Learn more about our water-based coatings for digital printing and discover our product range overview.


Pigment preparations

Our solvent-free or water-based pigment preparations are used in a wide variety of products such as paints and varnishes, wallpapers, textiles, car parts, shoes and toys. We also offer special preparations such as flame retardants, matting agents, optical brighteners, blowing agent batches and UV stabilizers. 
We have the right solution for your requirements.

Solvent-free pigment preparations

The solvent-free pigment preparations have been developed specifically for colouring different plastic systems and coating materials. Almost all CASE-applications are possible. Consistently intense colours are the result.

The areas of applications are versatile: Plastisols for wallpapers and textiles, floor coverings, cable insulations, foils, artificial leather, textile coatings and toys have been coloured with our products for decades. In addition, we offer system solutions for coatings, groutings, sealants, adhesives and polyurethane-based foams. All of our products can be processed both manually or in tinting systems.

Your benefits

  • State-of-the-art dispersion technology
  • Optimal pigment concentration for high colour brilliance and intensity
  • Broad compatibility
  • High light fastness and temperature stability
  • Very good stability in storage
  • Dosability: gravimetric or volumetric
  • Low fogging and migration

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Water-based pigment preparations

The universal water-based pigment preparations are developed for many applications and they are suitable for paint mixing and tinting systems.

Our products are used in the varnishes, printing ink and coating industry. Special solutions such as bulk colourations of cellulose products in the food industry or the colouring of decorative papers are also part of our product portfolio.

Your benefits

  • State-of-the-art dispersion technology
  • Optimal pigment concentration for high colour brilliance and intensity
  • Broad compatibility
  • High light fastness and temperature stability
  • Very good storage stability
  • Can be used with tinting equipment 
  • Very low VOC-content

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