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News from the Follmann Dimension

Follmann joins the European initiative CEFLEX

In March 2020, Follmann joined the collaborative initiative CEFLEX, which was founded in 2017 to enhance flexible packaging materials in the circular economy. The collaboration consists of various members across the value chain and has set itself the goal of making a positive contribution to the circular economy and the dissolution of a linear economy. By 2025, effective system solutions should be possible thanks to cooperation from all project members. Together, the stakeholders involved are developing both design specifications for consumer-friendly flexible packaging formats and business models for downstream infrastructures.

“With our product portfolio we are an integral part of the flexible packaging industry. In addition to adhesives, we produce water-based printing ink systems for flexible packaging made of paper and plastic. As a new member of the CEFLEX collaborative initiative, we would like to support the cooperation of all project partners and work towards the common sustainability goals”, says Dr Joerg Seubert, Managing Director at Follmann. “In cooperation with all stakeholders, we wish to modify our products in a system-relevant manner according to common sustainability guidelines in order to be part of the solution. Thanks to our bio-based hotmelts for producing paper coffee-to-go cups, we also have process engineering know-how that we, as a member of CEFLEX, would like to contribute across the value chain.”

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