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Wood and furniture

Our solutions for wood and furniture

Below you will find an overview of the products we have developed for wood and furniture.


Dispersion adhesives
wood + furniture

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Dispersions for the wood and furniture industry

Our high quality dispersion adhesives are ideal for a wide range of applications in modern furniture and component manufacturing such as surface bonding, veneering, laminating, solid wood bonding, postforming, doweling and assembly applications.


Wood + Furniture

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Adhesives for the wood and furniture industry

Hotmelt adhesives are an important component in modern furniture production. Whether edge banding, softforming, wrapping, surface lamination or assembly applications - with our hotmelt adhesives you always achieve excellent results.

Sofa auf einem Vinylfußboden

Vinyl flooring

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Adhesives for the production of vinyl flooring

With its solvent-free, water-based dispersions for vinyl flooring production, Follmann makes a decisive contribution to reducing emissions in the production of vinyl flooring.