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Water-based printing inks for gift wraps and foils 

Water-based printing inks for gift wraps

Whether colourful, glossy, glowing or with exciting special effects – an attractive gift wrap increases the anticipation and turns the gift into an even more beautiful experience. Thanks to our various range for gift wrap finishing, there are no limits to creative design. Our water-based printing inks for gravure and flexo printing are environmentally friendly and easy to use. You can also achieve exciting special effects with our luminous colours, silver, gold or pearlescent.

You can also benefit from our services: We offer analytics, colourimetry and process optimisation on site, advise you on the implementation of dosing systems and show you solutions and savings potential for the reuse of residual inks. 

Your benefits  

  • Water-based printing ink systems
  • Customer-specific special colours
  • Brilliant colours
  • Exciting special effects
  • Low foaming
  • VOC-free
  • Safe printing process, excellent adhesion and easy to use

Our assortment

Modular colour inks based on FOLCO PAC CONC pigment concentrates
and FOLCO WRAP extenders:

FOLCO WRAP ready-to-use inks:

We offer a range of additives for the optimal adjustment of our printing inks to your processing conditions on site.