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Water-based printing inks
for corrugated board

Water-based printing inks for corrugated board in pre print and post print

Whether transport and sales packaging or displays - our water-based ink systems are suitable for gravure and flexo printing on coated and uncoated papers. The environmentally friendly formulated inks are smoothly integrateable into production processes and make an important contribution to sustainability. Brilliant colours and a very good printability characterise the ink series as well as good machine running properties, high mechanical resistance and fast drying. Our ph-stable products also fulfill the required authenticity properties and regulatory requirements, also for printing of compostable substrates.  

You can also benefit from our services: We offer analytics, colourimetry and process optimisation on site, advise you on the implementation of dosing systems and show you solutions and savings potential for the reuse of residual inks.

Your benefits

  • Highly pigmented systems for brilliant colours
  • Monopigmented concentrate systems for particularly pure colours
  • Low foaming 
  • Easy processing
  • Constant printing process
  • Stable halftone printing
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good resolubility
  • Outstanding productivity
  • Customer-specific formulation development

Our assortment

Modular colour inks based on FOLCO PAC CONC pigment concentrates
and FOLCO WAVE extenders:

FOLCO WAVE ready-to-use inks:

We offer a range of additives for the optimal adjustment of our printing inks to your processing conditions on site.