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hotmelt adhesives 

for flat lamination 

Polyurethane hotmelt adhesives for flat lamination 

Moisture-curing reactive Polyurethane hotmelt adhesives of the FOLCO REACT 10500 series for efficient process-optimised production of wood-based materials, composites, lightweight panels, insulating materials, foams and sandwich elements using roller application process. The broad adhesion spectrum ensures safe and reliable bonding of a wide range of materials (plastics, wood-based materials and metals). 

FOLCO REACT 10500 products combine medium to long open times with high initial tack and fast strength build-up. The 100% solid system has very good viscosity stability on the roller and allows lower application temperatures for sensitive substrates compared to non-reactive hotmelt adhesives. The adhesive joints of the end products have high temperature and moisture resistance as well as very high flexibility and strength.

Your benefits

  • 100 % solids 
  • Broad adhesion spectrum for a wide range of substrates 
  • Fast setting 
  • Very strong bonding after curing 
  • High temperature resistance 
  • Individual adjustments according to your requirements 

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