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Microencapsulation for
detergents and cleaning products

Microencapsulated fragrances for detergents and cleaning products

Small capsule – big effect: the added value achieved through microencapsulated fragrances extends far beyond the world of scent marketing. Small capsules are also ideal for washing and cleaning products as a way of ensuring longer-lasting freshness. 

Microencapsulation with its excellent stability enables safe transportation of the highly volatile substances and their controlled release at the required moment. The secret: the stability or wall thickness of the capsules can be individually adjusted. The release of the scents is controlled by a mechanical action – when wearing the washed clothes or, for example, when walking on the floor covering that has been cleaned with the corresponding cleaning product. 

Your benefits

  • Over 35 years of encapsulation expertise 
  • Extended freshness for detergents and cleaning products
  • Safe transport of fragrances   
  • Targeted scent release by mechanical action
  • Individual stability or wall thickness of the capsule

Our assortment

Of course, we develop products for different applications, such as fabric softener, liquid or powder detergents, considering your individual needs and requirements.