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Cleaner for
printing machines

Cleaner for printing machines

Our cleaning product for printing machines and ink-bearing parts is optimally matched to our water-based printing inks and thus represents a perfect addition to our product range. This means that ink residues from printing machines and their associated components can be removed efficiently, hygienically and in an environmentally friendly manner. ISEGA has classified its use as food safe and it is therefore optimally suited for use on printing machines for food packaging. During the development process we also took care to use easily biodegradable raw materials according to OECD guidelines.

You can also benefit from our services: We offer analytics, colourimetry and process optimisation on site, advise you on the implementation of dosing systems and show you solutions and savings potentional for the reuse of residual inks.

Your benefits

  • Safe, environmentally friendly cleaning 
  • Highly concentrated formulation 
  • Matched to water-based printng inks 
  • Dissolves stubborn dirt from gravure cylinders and anilox rollers 
  • Easy, efficient cleaning of dried inks on printing plates 
  • Ingredients easily biodegradable 
  • ISEGA-certified for the application in the production of food packaging 

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