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Adhesives for the
production of vinyl flooring 

Adhesives for the production of vinyl flooring

Due to their diverse decorative designs and special technical properties, vinyl floors are becoming more and more popular. With its solvent-free, water-based dispersions for vinyl flooring production, Follmann makes a decisive contribution to reducing emissions in the production of vinyl flooring.

The water-based dispersions are solvent-free and available as one or two component systems. The adhesives achieve good wetting on industry-standard vinyl for bonding to wood-based substrates as well as high adhesive strength at already low application rates. In addition, they are heat resistant, safe and quick to apply.

Your benefits

  • Water-based, solvent-free
  • One or two component dispersion
  • High heat resistance
  • Low fibre swelling
  • Very short setting time
  • Low application quantities produce high adhesive strength
  • High feed speed possible
  • Secure bonding of vinyl and primed PP films

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