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Adhesives for the
mattress manufactoring

Adhesives for the mattress manufactoring

Mattresses are available in various variations and types and are designed to meet specific sleeping needs. An important component of the mattress is the adhesive, which has to meet various requirements in order to make a restful sleep possible.

Our adhesives have been developed for the assembly of pocket spring units, for the production of multi-layer mattresses and especially for pressed roll-packed mattresses. They are ideal for bonding different nonwoven materials and provide good flexibility during curing for rolling the mattress in and out and transporting it. They support the longevity of your applicators through reduced cleaning effort and self-cleaning properties for trouble-free and safe mattress production.

Your benefits

  • Very good adhesion to a variety of materials
  • High initial strengths
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • For manual and automatic applications
  • Compatible with common application technologies
  • High process efficiency
  • Good flexibility during curing for optimum rolling in and out, transport of the mattress

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