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for Textiles    

Polyurethane hotmelt adhesives for the textile industry   

FOLCO REACT PUR hotmelts combine the physical properties of a hotmelt adhesive with a subsequent chemical crosslinking reaction achieving the most demanding requirement profiles of end products. Our reactive, moisture-curing adhesives exhibit excellent adhesion properties on a wide range of substrates (e.g. fabrics, membranes, foams, papers or films) and lead to efficient production processes.

PUR hotmelt adhesives are used for the production of multilayer high performance laminates. The technical textiles produced with PUR hotmelt adhesives are used for safety and work clothing, functional sports wear, filter textiles, automotive interior laminates, medical textiles and abrasive carriers. They can be tailored to your exact requirements and processes.

Your benefits

  • 100% solids
  • Broad adhesion spectrum for a wide range of substrates
  • Soft and flexible adhesive joint after cross linking
  • High initial strenghts
  • Very good temperature resistance
  • High resistance to washing
  • Individual adjustments according to your requirements

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