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Adhesives for

Adhesives for mattress manufacturing

FOLCO MELT hotmelt adhesives for bonding pocket spring and FOLCO MELT PSA for bonding multi layering cover are optimised for all common application and production methods. They include adhesives for the assembly of foam encasement of pocket spring mattresses, foam comfort layering, soft top foam construction, as well as all foam build and complex combinations of convoluted foam, natural latex foam, palm-, natural fibre and memory foam. Our hotmelt adhesives are low in odour and offer a noise free bond.

From complete all over hand spray applications to conveyor with bridge head application we have the grades that achieve the fast holding power and high tack flexible bonds required. Our pocket spring grades offer flexible high bond strengths construction on non-woven and natural fibre pockets.

Your benefits

  • Excellent adhesion properties ensure good bonding
  • Clean, efficient processing
  • Low odour
  • Superb thermal stability
  • High flexible bond for roll / unroll
  • Low noise bond
  • Applicable with common technologies

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