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Adhesives for
filter products

Adhesives for filter products

High-quality filters are an essential component in a wide range of applications. Whether used as an upstream filter to clean the air when turbines are used, to ensure the sterility of operating theatres, in everyday use in automotive cabin air or oil filters or when cleaning the exhaust air of a vacuum cleaner: filters have to meet a wide range of requirements. They have to withstand high pressure and temperature loads as well as to be resistant to the medium to be filtered, in order to free it from pollutants, impurities, suspended particles, germs or toxic dusts.

The adhesives have a decisive influence on the stability, service life and functionality of the finished filters. FOLCO LIT dispersions, FOLCO SOL plastisols, FOLCO POX epoxies, FOLCO REACT reactive hotmelts and FOLCO MELT non-reactive hotmelt adhesives achieve high temperature resistance and meet the strength requirements needed in the end application. At the same time, perfect adhesion to the filter media used (paper, synthetic and glass fiber nonwovens) and frame materials is guaranteed.

Your benefits

  • System solutions for pleat fixation, frame bonding and sealing, end cap casting and activated carbon fixation, etc.
  • Process-optimized, customer-specific products for marketable application technologies
  • Highest media and temperature resistances 
  • Broad adhesion spectrum 
  • Reduced resource consumption due to maximum efficiency and performance of the adhesives

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