Ornamental diversity of the cultures

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Ornamental diversity of the cultures

Grand calendar launch at Heimtextil in Frankfurt: the “Wallpaper competence” network presents its 2018 wallpaper calendar – a modern interpretation of the ornamental diversity of various peoples and cultures.

Ornamental diversity of the cultures is the motto of the 2018 wallpaper calendar. The aim of the calendar design was to offer a modern interpretation of the ornaments typical of individual peoples in earlier times using a range of elements and effects. This was a marvellous opportunity for the seven members of the “Wallpaper competence” network – which includes Follmann, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Kämmerer, M-Design Rudolf Meyer, Merck, Saueressig and SPGPrints – to showcase their technologies and products. The new wallpaper calendar will be officially presented at Heimtextil in Frankfurt between 9 and 12 January 2018 at Follmann’s stand (Hall 3.1 / Stand C38).

Using old characters, geometric shapes, floral patterns or historical symbols, the “Wallpaper competence” network has drawn its inspiration for the 2018 wallpaper calendar from the ornamentation of different cultures and used special techniques for designing the individual calendar motifs. The resulting motifs are as diverse as the individual cultures themselves.

The calendar motifs at a glance

The February “Germania” motif, the first of the 2018 wallpaper calendar, is graced by a motif that is totally on-trend: a deer. This popular Germanic symbol can be found in Palaeolithic cave drawings. The stag is superimposed on runes, the early form of Germanic writing. A modern touch is added using texture printing inks to achieve a pleasing surface feel and special 3D effects, while the effect granules provide a wonderfully tactile texture effect and pronounced surfaces.

At the centre of March’s “Roman” motif are Roman temple columns, which to this day are still associated with ancient Rome. The characters in the foreground are meanders, i.e. orthogonal ornaments used since the Neolithic period. In the background, Roman warriors are depicted in battle. This motif’s special composition, surface feel and 3D effects are achieved with the latest embossing tools. In addition, a pearlescent effect was used here, which creates reflections.

The April “Egyptian” motif, with its beautiful patterns and half-tones, combines several typical Egyptian elements. The centrepiece is a female Pharaoh. The jewellery on her head and neck is ornamented with broad horizontal and vertical stripes and zigzag patterns, and she is set against a backdrop of hieroglyphics, the characters of the oldest known Egyptian writing system, still found to this day on ancient temple and tomb walls. The brilliance of the hues is highlighted by a transparent fleece coating.

For May’s “Mayan” motif, a plastisol ink was used in the screen printing. The motif shows various Mayan symbols, such as a solar disc, and the amazing matt and gloss effects are accomplished using foams and compact systems, whereby the foams appear matt and the compact systems deliver the gloss effect. A very special highlight is provided by an innovative high-gloss gold (mirror gold), a premium-quality effect ink whose properties are unleashed through the use of special pigments.

The June “Native American” motif impresses with its special matt and gloss effects, which are achieved through the use of aqueous printing inks. A Native American is shown in a feather head-dress, which is an expression of reverence. The “Medicine Man’s Eye” is in the background, a symbol of wisdom and life experience.

The July “African” motif depicts features of African art such as pearls and sequins through different geometrical shapes and serpent patterns. The bright colours are also typically African. The motif achieves the special mica effect using a transparent digital coating.

Similar to the “Egyptian” motif, August’s “North African” motif is embellished with geometric ornaments. In addition, it shows a special symbol: the “Ship of the Desert” – a camel that represents Arabia and the desert itself. Brilliant effect printing inks were used for this calendar motif.

The September “Russian” motif shows two dancing Cossacks on a background decorated with floral patterns. There is also a hint of a Fabergé egg, a symbol of luxury and prosperity. While textured printing inks provide an appealing surface feel and 3D effects, the brilliant colours are achieved by a fleece coating.

The October “Middle East” motif rediscovers various stylistic elements: geometric patterns made up of repeating polygonal or circular shapes, calligraphic inscriptions and arabesques, that is, two-dimensional stylised vine-like designs with forked leaves made into a swirling pattern. The digital print coating used ensures brilliant colours and special effects. Another advantage of the digital coating is the reduced consumption of colours.

November’s “Persian” motif focuses on the peacock as a symbol of Persian mythology. This work was done using RGB colour printing, which in combination with structural printing inks ensures ideal 3D effects and the special surface feel.

The December “Indonesian” motif shows, among other things, a pagoda, a striking multi-storey, tower-like structure whose individual floors are usually separated by projecting cornices or eaves. In the foreground are elephants, which are native to Indonesia. This motif was printed almost exclusively with effect colours.

The January 2019 “Japanese” motif is graced by a geisha, a Japanese entertainment artist, whose services were greatly in demand, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries. She is wearing a kimono, a traditional Japanese kaftan-like robe. Floral and latex designs complete the motif. Design-wise it has an impressive, fine printed structure, a pleasing surface feel and a 3D effect.

On the February 2019 “Chinese” calendar motif, plants encircle people in traditional Chinese dress. A transparent fleece coating guarantees impressive, brilliant colours and effects. The new high-gloss gold creates a special shine, also dominating this motif in terms of colour.