[Translate to English:] Verpackungsdruckfarben

[Translate to English:] Wasserbasierte Druckfarben für flexible Verpackungen

Die wasserbasierte Druckfarbensysteme wurden speziell für flexible Verpackungen aus Papier und Kunststoff entwickelt. Die Farbserien eignen sich für den Flexo- und Tiefdruck auf gestrichenen und ungestrichenen Papieren sowie Kunststofffolien wie PE, PP, PET, PA und OPP. Sie sind für den Frontaldruck und Kaschierverbund geeignet. Selbst kompostierbare Folien sind damit bedruckbar. Die umweltfreundlich rezeptierten Farben sind problemlos zu verarbeiten und bilden gleichzeitig einen wichtigen Beitrag für Ökologie und Nachhaltigkeit.

Brillante Farbtöne, sehr gute Punktschärfe und gute Haftung kennzeichnen die Farbserien ebenso wie problemlose Reemulgierung beim Druckvorgang, gute Beständigkeiten und schnelle Trocknung – auch VOC-frei.

Ihre Vorteile

  • Wahlweise hochpigmentiertes Konzentrat- oder Farbsystem
  • Schäumungsarm selbst bei hohen Druckgeschwindigkeiten
  • Sehr hohe Farbstärke
  • Leichte Reinigung
  • Technische Unterstützung vom Labor bis zum Endprodukt
  • Analytik, Farbmetrik und Prozessoptimierung vor Ort
  • Sicherer Druckprozess
  • Die Standzeit der Druckformen wird deutlich erhöht
  • Verzicht auf kostenintensive Nachverbrennungsanlage
  • Sichere Lebensmittelverpackungen
  • Deutlich bessere Umweltbilanz
  • Kosteneffizientes, brillantes Farbsystem

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Print + Packaging

Printing inks and coatings for the print and packaging industry

Colours and surfaces are important and persuasive vehicles when it comes to human perception, as they are noticed immediately. Whether for napkins or high-quality packaging in the food and non-food sector – with our water-based printing inks for flexographic and gravure printing, we not only offer you brilliant colour shades, but also an environmentally friendly and low-consumption alternative to solvent-based inks. Our water-based printing inks are used, for example, in table decoration products such as napkins, tablecloths and placemats or in flexible film and paper packaging.

Scent varnishes, which can, for example, be printed on flyers, postcards, magazine pages and packaging to boost the advertising message and thus increase sales, round off the portfolio.


Packaging printing inks

Water-based printing inks for flexible packaging

The water-based printing ink systems have been developed specifically for flexible packaging made of paper and plastic. The ink series are suitable for flexographic printing and gravure printing on absorbent, uncoated and coated paper, as well as plastic films such as PE, PP, PET, PA and OPP. The series are available for frontal and reverse printing for laminated composite. Also, compostable films are printable. The environmentally friendly formulated colours are easy to work with, whilst simultaneously representing a significant contribution to ecology and sustainability.

The colour series are characterised by brilliant colours, excellent dot sharpness, good adhesion, easy re-emulsification during the printing process, good consistency and fast drying - also VOC-free.

Your benefits

  • Highly pigmented concentrate or ready to print colour system
  • Low-foaming properties, even at high printing speeds
  • Very high colour intensity
  • Easy cleaning
  • Technical support from laboratory to final product
  • Chemical analysis, colour metric and process optimisation at the customer´s own premises
  • Safe printing process
  • Significant increase of printing plates lifetime
  • No expensive post-combustion system needed

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Table decoration products

Brilliant water-based printing inks for table decoration products

The brilliant, water-based printing inks are specially designed for all types of table decoration products like tissue, including napkins and tablecloths. The inks ranges are used worldwide and not only satisfy the legal requirements resulting from use in short-term direct food contact, but also meet the highest requirements in terms of top-quality print results – on an international level.

Your benefits

  • Suitable for short-term, direct food contact (Colour-fast as per DIN EN 646)
  • Printable ink system (single-component)
  • Brilliant colours, excellent adhesion, easy re-emulsification, fast drying
  • VOC-free
  • No foam formation, even at high printing speeds using chambered doctor blades
  • Very high colour intensity
  • Easy cleaning
  • Safe and reliable printing process 
  • Meets primary aromatic amine (paA) requirements or ppA-free
  • High abrasion resistance as per DIN 54607
  • Chemical analysis, color metric, and process optimisation at the customer’s own premises
  • Installation engineering: advice on the implementation of installations and financing of batchers
  • Recycling and reusing leftover material: identification of solutions and potential savings

Certified environmental safety

Another advantage of our printing inks is that they are environmentally friendly and tested according to the certification programme “Additives which are harmless for the composting process as per DIN EN 13432” (DIN CERTCO). This is also confirmed by an expert report on plant compatibility.

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Scent printing

Scent varnishes with microencapsulated fragrances for print advertising

Subconsciously, the sense of smell is the strongest of all senses! Images remain in the memory for longer if we associate scents with seeing them, making them more memorable. Scent advertising therefore conveys a positive feeling, enhances the effectiveness of the advertising message and raises brand awareness. 

Scents have a faster and more intense impact than any other trigger, because they affect the limbic system of the brain where emotions and memories are stored. This makes them a key feature of modern multi-sensory marketing.

Numerous studies have shown that information that smells good makes the advertising message much more effective. We offer high-quality scent varnishes designed to increase the impact of promotional materials, such as mailshots, flyers, postcards, packaging or wrapping paper.

Your benfits

  • Scent raises brand awareness
  • Scent varnishes are created with individual scents
  • Water or oil-based scent varnishes for: web offset, sheet-fed offset, flexographic and screen printing
  • Microencapsulation guarantees long-lasting and hermetic scent sealing
  • The scent is released in a controlled way due to friction
  • Interaction increases advertising success

Learn more about our scent varnishes with microencapsulated fragrances for print advertising.