Interior Decoration

From printing inks and plastisols for wallpaper to decorative coatings for the woodworking industry to strong-coloured printing inks for decors – in our Interior Decoration business unit, we offer our customers in the wallpaper and decorative industry high-quality finishing products that turn their end products into real eye-catchers. As a supplier of decorative wallpaper coatings, Follmann is a leading market player.  



Wallpaper printing inks and coatings

Your own home is the social centre of life for many people and should therefore be as beautiful and pleasant as possible. This also includes an appealing wall design. Our finishing products help you create stunning and eye-catching wallpaper finishes, thus considerably increasing the sense of well-being within your own four walls.

Our powerful, water-based printing inks are lightfast, highly thermally stable, highly washing-resistant, suitable for hot-embossing on vinyl and available with normal to high pigment content. They are suitable for flexographic, gravure and rotary screen printing on paper, fleece and vinyl printing materials. And of course, all these products meet the colour-fastness criteria of the relevant European standards.

Our solvent-free, water-based textured printing inks let you create visual and tangible 3D structures and interesting special effects, gravure or screen printed, to make your wallpaper a truly extraordinary design highlight.

If structures and effects are required for vinyl wallpaper, our plastisols can be used to achieve first-class results. They are characterised by extraordinary light and washing resistance as well as abrasion resistance and give any plain surface a vibrant touch.


Decorative coatings

In addition to products for the finishing of wallpapers, we also offer printing ink systems for the surface finishing of decorative papers as well as for the coating of glass tissues for the furniture and interior design industry.

As an excellent alternative to woodchip, panels offer countless ways to make ceilings attractive. Decorative papers for panels can be given an ornate finish with our water-based printing ink systems. The water-based printing inks based on polymer systems rich in solids is suitable for producing visible and tactile effects such as wood optics. Our products are available in soft and hard settings, in white and in clear as a basis for colouring with pigment preparations or for producing crystal-clear, firm structures.

The products are temperature stable, can be dyed with our water-based pigment preparations and can be processed in gravure and screen printing.

Our screen printing inks are available – optionally with or without flame-retardant properties – for the coating of glass tissues, for example for the production of ceiling tiles. They are characterised by a high opacity as well as good lightfastness and temperature stability.