Industrial Bonding

High-performance adhesives for a wide range of bonding applications

An adhesive bond should be reliable and last even under extreme conditions. It takes a wealth of experience and extensive expertise to manufacture adhesives with such qualities. For many years Follmann have been developing and producing high-quality and high performance dispersions and hotmelts as well as pressure sensitive adhesives for industrial use.

Our adhesives are used in the food and non-food sectors in the packaging industry, in the cardboard and corrugated board industry, in end-of-line packaging, in transport and shipping packaging, in bookbinding as well as in textile applications, labels and special areas such as the mattress industry.
We supply the appropriate adhesive for every application.


Corrugated board + cardboard

Stable bondings of lightweight constructions made of paper

The stable and at the same time lightweight wave design forms a protective cushion for all types of transport goods and ensures that merchandise and industrial goods arrive safely. Apart from the paper, the adhesive is an important component that significantly influences the adhesive flap and thus the quality of the manufactured cardboard packaging.

With our high-performance adhesive range, we cover the entire range of the specific requirements of corrugated board and cardboard manufacturers: brown goods, coated papers, lacquered and printed adhesive flaps. Our adhesives are of course also recognised by UV detectors. In addition, we develop individual adhesive solutions on customer request. 

Your benefits

  • Clean processing on contact and contactless nozzles
  • High wet tack for fast machine speeds
  • Strong adhesion – even on tricky surfaces
  • FEFCO 9 certification
  • UV marker für glue detection
  • Strong technical support

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End-of-Line packaging adhesives

High-performance hotmelts for packaging processes

Sales crucially depend on an appealing packaging design as much as on the functionality of the packaging. With the high-performance hot-melt adhesives for packaging processes that are not subject to labelling requirements, we offer versatile solutions for the secure bonding of cardboard boxes and folding cardboard boxes for end-of-line applications.

The cold- and heat-resistant EVA- and PO-based adhesives have been developed to meet the typical requirements of the food, non-food and consumer goods industries. They meet all the requirements demanded of primary and secondary packaging and are characterised by excellent machinability and distinctly low consumption.

Your benefits

  • Custom adhesive properties for your application
  • Excellent adhesion properties ensure reliable production processes
  • Clean processing / thread-free
  • Extremely durable packaging
  • Also suitable for printed / varnished paper and corrugated cardboard
  • Nearly free of migration
  • Suitable for sift-proof applications
  • Suitable for drinking straw applications
  • Clear, odourless melt ensures a pleasant working environment
  • Supreme thermal stability

Our high level of customer satisfaction is based not only on excellent and consistent product quality, but also on our comprehensive and flexible range of services. In addition, our Adhesive Check ensures that our adhesive works smoothly and optimally on your machine.

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Graphic industry

Ambitious adhesives for the production of printed products

Books, magazines and brochures are an essential part of everyday life and must meet the highest standards in daily use. We adapt our adhesives individually to your production conditions for efficient production with optimal results. Whether pre- and main glues for the production of catalogues and brochures in the One and Two Shot process or perfect binding, side gluing or casing in: With our hotmelt adhesives and filler-free dispersions, there is a suitable product for every application, even for low processing temperatures.

Your benefits

  • Clean flow properties guarantee products that require no reworking
  • High initial strength and a clamping effect allow fast process times for cost-optimised production and efficient manufacturing
  • Excellent adhesion properties ensure reliable bonding for heavy-duty end products
  • Thermal stability of the melt leads to a reduction in plant maintenance
  • Health safety and environmental sustainability for a more pleasant working environment and products with an improved ecological balance

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Transport- and shipping packaging

Homogeneous, fast-melting pressure-sensitive adhesives for transport- and shipping packaging

Increasing e-commerce sales and a high variety of products lead to increased requirements for transport and shipping packaging. These must protect products during transport and simplify handling for the packers.

When producing transport and shipping packaging with self-adhesive components, it is primarily important that the packaged goods reach their destination safely, even when the outside temperature changes.

We offer you a diverse range of permanent and resealable adhesives. In addition to a very high initial tack and excellent fluidity, they also boast very good low-temperature flexibility. The excellent adhesion leads to low consumption and high efficiency.

Your benefits

  • Homogeneous, fast-melting pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • High performance and individually tailored to special requirements and needs
  • Cost-efficient production through optimal machine-running properties
  • High tack even at low temperatures
  • Large temperature frame in the final product

Find out more about our homogeneous, fast-melting pressure-sensitive adhesives for transport- and shipping packaging in our product information sheet or under Sealock Ltd.


Labelling Adhesives

Whether for glass, PET and non-returnable bottles, plastic and metal containers, or for cans – Follmann's high-quality adhesives for paper and plastic labels are suitable for a wide range of products. Thanks to growing environmental awareness, glass bottles are the trend of the day. Accordingly, the demand for adhesives for labelling is also increasing. Which ones are best suited depends on various factors. Sometimes technical conditions or effects determined by the labelling or manufacturing process are crucial, while in other cases purely economic aspects are decisive.

Therefore, we always consider your individual requirements and recommend the best solutions on their basis. We produce and supply a complete range of water-based adhesives for labelling applications and are continually expanding our product range with new developments.

Your benefits

  • High processing and bonding quality
  • Good adhesion on different materials
  • Clean running on the machine
  • Suitable for high and low speed machines
  • High ice water and condensation water resistance
  • Wide range of applications
  • High workmanship and reliability
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Strong initial tack
  • Low odour

Learn more about our high-performance adhesives for paper and plastic labels.