Innovative chemicals for function and design

The Follmann product range comprises printing inks, adhesives and microcapsules as well as coating systems for the decorative and functional design of surfaces in the various applications.

An important part of our corporate strategy is the development of new markets and applications based on high-performance products, which we pursue with our „New Business Development“ department as well as with our innovative Research + Development, strong sales and systematic product management. Our goal is to give you a competitive edge by developing products for you that will always meet the ever-changing market conditions.

So please put us to the test! We look forward to implementing your ideas taking you special requirements into account - with innovative chemistry and special commitment.

Business Units

  • PRINT + PACKAGING: Water-based printing inks and coatings for the print and packaging industry

  • DESIGN + FUNCTION: Decorative and functional coatings and pigment preparations for various applications

  • INDUSTRIAL BONDING: High-performance adhesives for a wide range of bonding applications

  • WOOD + FURNITURE: High performance adhesives for the wood and furniture industries

  • SPECIALITIES: Microencapsulation for a wide range of applications

Our service at a glance

  • Technical support from the laboratory through to the final product
  • Analytics, colourimetry and process optimisation at your site
  • Customer-specific product development, customised solutions
  • Installation engineering: advice on the implementation of installations
  • Recycling and reusing leftover material: showing solutions and saving potentials
    -We support you with questions concerning disposal in connection with the application of our products, e.g. disposal of product residues or wash water; we establish contact with regional disposal companies through our disposal company
  • Questions regarding environmental protection and work safety: assistance on all matters
    The Follmann Chemie Group employs experienced specialists in the field of environmental protection and work safety, who are happy to assist you with questions on these topics in connection with our products. This includes everything from the safe and environmentally friendly handling of our products through to support in dealing with authorities concerning immission protection law or water law issues and approvals
  • Global network
    We offer short-term technical support and application support